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Ayrton's Data
Where he was born San Paolo del Brasile Birthday march, 21 1960
Mother Neyde Senna da Silva Father Milton Guirado Theodoro da Silva
Sister Viviana Senna Lalli Brother Leonardo Senna da Silva
Trainer Nuno Cobra Nickname Magic
High 173 cm Weight 70 Kg
Studies San Paolo's high school Sports Jet ski, sci nautico, tennis
Music Brasilian and Phil Collins Hobbies Radio Airmodels
Food Spaghetti First drive On a father's handmade kart at 4 years old

Ayrton from Car magazine.

If I ever happen to have an accident that eventually costs me my life, I hope it is in one go. I would not like to be in a wheelchair. I would not like to be in a hospital suffering from whatever injury it was. If I am going to live, I want to live fully. Very intensely, because I am an intense person. It would ruin my life if I had to live partially.

Tributes To A Fallen Hero (taken from "On Track" 5/20/94)

  • Ron Dennis - "Ayrton Senna was an extraordinary racing driver. His skills, craft, subtlety and courage were of such magnitude that he dwarfed his generation of drivers."
  • Jackie Stewart - "Senna was one of the greatest talents that has ever lived in motor racing."
  • Frank Williams - "His loss is impossible to quantify. Everyone who has ever met him, in whatever capacity, feels they have lost something very special."
  • Emerson Fittipaldi - "The life of Ayrton Senna was an example in dedication and the love of the sports few athletes have had at international level. The world has lost the greatest athlete in the history of motor racing and I have lost a great friend. Grand Prix racing will never be the same without Ayrton."
  • Nigel Mansell - "Ayrton and I shared some of the most exciting races ever staged and it is impossible to put into words what a sad loss this is to motor racing. I was stunned after Roland Ratzenberger was killed and for Ayrton to lose his life the next day makes it a very black weekend. There will not be a driver in the world who will not be deeply affected by this news."
  • Nelson Piquet - "This is a bad loss not only to the sport, but also to our country. There is nobody at his level in Formula 1. He was the best driver, very determined and it is a sad loss."
  • Rubens Barrichello - "When I first came round in the medical center after my accident, the first face I saw was Ayrton's, with tears in his eyes. I had never seen that with Ayrton before. I just had the impression that he felt as if my accident was like one of his own. He helped me a lot with my career and I can't find the words to describe his loss."
  • Michael Schumacher - "What has happened is so dramatic and so bad that I feel no satisfaction in winning."

Senna's Grand Prix Career

  • 1984. First year in Formula for Team Toleman. 9th in World drivers championship.
  • 1985. Senna goes to Team Lotus. Seven poles and two wins. 4th in World drivers championship.
  • 1986. Takes eight poles and two wins. 4th in World drivers championship.
  • 1987. Takes one pole and two wins but one win is Monaco GP. 3rd in World drivers championship.
  • 1988. Senna changes to Team McLaren. 13 poles and wins eight GPs. Wins the World drivers championship.
  • 1989. Senna takes thirteen poles and six GPs. 2nd in World drivers championship.
  • 1990. 10 poles and wins six GPs. Wins the World drivers championship.
  • 1991. Senna takes eight poles and wins seven GPs. Wins the World drivers championship.
  • 1992. One pole and three wins as Team Williams dominates. 4th in World drivers championship.
  • 1993. Five wins in his last year with McLaren. 2nd in World drivers championship.
  • 1994. Moves to Team Williams. You know the rest....

 Ayrton Senna  65   Alain Prost    51  Ayrton Senna  3024
 Jim Clark     33   Ayrton Senna   41  Alain Prost   2710
 Alain Prost   33   Nigel Mansell  30  Nigel Mansell 2059
 Nigel Mansell 31   Jackie Stewart 27  Jim Clark     2039
 Juan M.Fangio 28   Niki Lauda     25  J. Stewart    1893

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